Locating Slabs in the Spring!

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Locating Slabs in the Spring!

The days are longer, a little bit warmer, and fishing from a boat or bank is right around the corner if you haven’t already started depending on where you live. We’re on the verge of Spring up here in Kawkawlin, MI. It has been flip flopping back and forth between freezing temps and sweater weather the last two weeks, but the forecast is starting to look promising! 

We’re here today to talk about a few tips that will help you locate fish in the Spring that apply to all species. Whether you’re looking for bass, panfish or predators, these tips will help you get on some major slabs. Buckle up and get ready, because we’re jumping right in! 

Ponds & Lakes

  • Fish the North end. During the Spring, the most North areas of ponds and lakes get the most sunlight throughout the day, leading to warmer water temperatures that will get fish active and feeding. You can really dial in on the slabs by finding laid down trees, weedlines, and docks that provide cover for larger fish to hunt from. 


  • Marinas are a perfect place to locate panfish in the spring. The docks within provide plenty of cover and weeds for pre-spawn panfish to move up into and begin to make themselves at home. Keep your distance from docks to avoid startling fish when possible, but we get it can be tight quarters with others getting their boats in the water for the warmer months ahead. 

River Systems

  • Rivers can cover a lot of ground, but with the right help you shouldn’t have any issues finding slabs. When fishing river systems look for fish to be migrating to their spawning grounds. Tributaries, marinas, and shallow basins that are off the beaten path are often promising spots to check once water temperatures begin to rise. Fish are on the move once the weather begins to warm up!

Cuts & Ditches

  • Yeah, we said ditches and you might be wondering what a “cut” is too. Well, a cut is a large drainage ditch that helps empty farm fields when they are filled with water from heavy Spring showers. They are popular fishing spots on the East-side of Michigan and hold plenty of species throughout the entire year. You can find panfish like bluegills and perch, predators such as northern pike and good ol’ largemouth bass feeding on baitfish as well. Make sure the cuts and ditches lead to or flow in from large bodies of water such as large bays. 

Use electronics if you have them 

  • Using electronics isn’t always applicable to every angler, but if you have them, make sure you use them. Electronics will help you confirm that you have found fish and can help take the guessing portion out of the game. 

We hope that you find these quick tips useful in locating the slabs you’re targeting. If you have questions or would like more clarification, feel free to shoot us a message or email us at info@slabcitybaits.com

Until next time! 


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