About Slab City Baits

Welcome to Slab City Baits!

My name is Clark Bickham, owner and operator of Slab City Baits, and I'd like to take a chance to welcome you to our community of phenomenal anglers, as well as thank you for trusting me to put a trophy catch in your hands. 

Here at Slab City Baits our goal is to help you land the slab of a lifetime. We do so by crafting premium soft plastic baits in a (growing) variety of wicked styles, with a healthy mix of tried-and-true and experimental colors. Slab City Baits soft plastic fishing baits are meant for all types of approaches no matter what species you are targeting. The baits we produce are made with premium grade plastisol and can withstand even the toothiest of fish, helping you catch slab after slab - time and time again. 

Who is Slab City Baits? Well to start, it all began with the roots of a pure love and passion for fishing and the great outdoors. I can thank my dad for teaching me how to fish at a young age and from there, the love for the sport grew - and yes, fishing is a sport! My love for fishing and being outdoors never ended, but life eventually got in the way of me and fishing. Between 2014 and 2020, fishing found itself on pause while I sorted my way through the ups and downs. 

After casting fishing aside for work and the hustle and bustle of becoming an adult, things changed when the world flipped upside down in 2020. I found myself with a lot of extra time to spend doing things I had been missing out on the last few years, the best thing being fishing. It didn't take long for me to realize that I had rekindled a passionate fire that I thought had been stomped out years ago.

Little did I know that I was wrong, and I have never been happier while accepting the fact that I was wrong. I was fishing every chance I had, even it was for only 30 minutes or if the rain was coming down hard. I continued to fish, fish, and fish. When Winter came around, I filled my time with ice fishing and falling down the rabbit hole of YouTube fishing videos, when I stumbled upon baitmaking. Not familiar with the process at all, I immediately found myself wanting to know more and more, but also wanting to do it. A few online orders and a Facebook Marketplace microwave later, I began making my own soft bait plastics in a small corner of space on a folding table in my dad's pole barn. 

Since then, I've continued to expand my knowledge and techniques, and began fishing my own baits once the hard water melted away to soft water. After a landing a few slabs, snapping a few pictures, a few posts to social media, my family, friends and friends of friends, were asking about the soft plastic baits I was making and if they could buy some to catch their own slabs. Some time passed and I realized this was something I really enjoyed doing and being able to work with my hands made for a nice break from the life of a Marketing Communications Manager, where a lot of my time is spent sitting behind a computer. 

In summer of 2021, Slab City Baits was born, and has been catchin' slabs ever since. Some of my favorite baits to use include our Slab Sticks and Slab Swimmers in the Magic Watermelon and Dirty Money colors, I really recommend bagging some of those at all times. I really look forward to seeing and hearing about all the slabs you will catch, so be sure to tag us and share your photos using @slabcitybaits on Facebook or Instagram to be a featured post. If you have any questions, comments, requests or anything else of that nature, know you can reach out to me using our Contact Us link located at the bottom of our website pages. 

Tight lines,