Jig-alow Minnows

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The Jig-alow Minnow is the perfect bite-sized treat for a multitude of species! 

Measuring at 4" in length, this fluke style bait is primarily meant for targeting walleye, but nose hook it on a drop shot rig and the bass can't pass it up either.  Walleye gobble down the Jig-alow Minnow when paired with your choice of jig, whether that's a simple round head, bottom walker, or current cutter jig. Vertical jigging near bottom, or casting out and retrieving while hopping your jig off the bottom are guaranteed methods to put fish in the live well. 

Jig it low and quick and the slabs will come running!

10 baits per bag, EXCEPT Wonderglow, which comes with 6 Jig-alow Minnows instead. 

Hot Tip: We recommend a long shank jig or removing a 1/2 inch from the head of the bait for shorter shank jigs. This is to prevent short bites and produce more hook-ups!